WordPress Stuck in Maintenance Mode? Let’s Fix it!

WordPress Stuck in Maintenance Mode? Let’s Fix it!

Your WordPress site might stuck in maintenance mode after a failed update, which is either the result of the plugin/theme provider’s server issue or your server’s issue. In this case, you cannot log into your admin panel or view your website. All you see is: Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.

There’s a very simple fix to this issue:

Log into your web hosting panel

Go to your web hosting service provider’s admin dashboard or if you have FTP access you can browse root files through FTP login, too. And then find the “File Manager”.



Remove .maintenance file

Now, go to your WordPress root folder. Your WordPress files are located under “public_html” folder. And then find .maintenance file as shown below, and remove this file. Your WordPress site must be live now!


Cannot see .maintenance file?

If you don’t see .maintenance file, it’s probably due to your file settings. If you’re browsing your files through cPanel, simply go to right-top corner of the window to see “file settings” button. Click it and check to see “hidden files“.

Now you should be able to see your .maintenance file.

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