How to Make Your Site More Delightful for Your Customers Through Design Improvements

How to Make Your Site More Delightful for Your Customers Through Design Improvements

The “Age of the Customer” is here so you need to prioritize their needs and wants to engage, motivate, ask them to join and participate in your business, purchase your product or follow your call-to-action that your business represents. Still, numerous website creators underuse the majority of useful tricks to attract more-than-ever attention to their products and unfortunately avoid the probable goldmine of design tricks and manuals found online. The following material aims at helping you boost your website attendance and performance for the potential customer so its professional look and usability will keep the customers nearby and looking up to your potential next offer and crucial updates.

Appearance Matters

While this might sound superficial in the modern era of utility, appearance counts, matters, and is the first thing that your customer potentially sees. Therefore, make sure that your first impression of the site fully matches your own ideas of your brand so your customer would see this unity. If your site does not have useful and catchy information you can certainly forget about the keen user’s interest. Make sure that the user can find an intuitive and illustrative framework of the site at the first glance and do not need to make extensive effort to seek where exactly the products are listed.

Additionally, prioritize the view of your site for the smartphones. As more than 45% of the total eCommerce revenue came from mobile purchases in 2020, you can actually see what particular role mobile optimizing plays in the customer’s impression. What is more, the majority do not wish to waste their time or currently have a free minute in transport, during lunch, or at the gas station, so they will possibly perform their purchase through their gadgets or tablets. If your site is not optimized for that, make sure that your customer will be lost or will order something only due to the extensive devotion to you.

Motivate Your Customer

Make sure that you urge your customer to engage in certain actions while staying on your site. Observe your “User Journey Map” and make sure that the client does not face constant “Failure Mapping” while seeking the information they need. No matter how much money you invest into the attractive web design, but if your customer does not find the site informative and naturally-flowing, the attendance will not grow. If your site shops products, make sure that your call-to-action or CTA is crystal clear so that the customer does not change the mind on the purchase. If a simple scheme of adding the product to cart up to the checkpoint and purchase confirmation is not functioning, you can fairly count on the boost of even the newest products. Think of supporting the user’s choice with attractive and confirming colors like Green or Yellow while the Red will serve as a fail sign or canceling signal. Create explaining videos, cartoonish instructions, infographic schemes for business sites, and engage other appropriate materials to keep your audience interactive and informed. Make clarity your priority and do not aim at creating exceptional and unique differentiation system signs. Remember that your customer fully relies on familiar symbols from everyday life and you should not invent Klingon language to communicate with them.

Performance is the Key

Therefore, the impression from your site is keenly connected with the professionalism it was created with. You need to maximize the site-creating tools and website builders to use all the possible customer assistance in the interface to avoid the loss of interest or making choices in favor of your competitors. Here you can find out a detailed overview if you are interested in the preferable template or the most intuitive editors to create your website. Optimize your database and picture to be able to observe your attainability through WordPress and make sure you can integrate the statistics of your site to see if your updates actually work. For more information, you can turn to the following link to observe the possibility of integrating a WordPress plugin in your site’s web structure and gain the necessary data from this info. What is more, make sure that your site follows the recent integrations from social networks like Twitter that allows you to maximize attention to your product. Check on Tweetdeck and Respondly for the ability to provide your customers with easy access to your social channels and manager’s profiles (in case of necessity). Lastly, engage the contact forms so that your customer could have direct access to you. Allow them to subscribe to your updates and provide them with enough text and useful info to be entertained and engaged at the same time. 

Hear Your Customer

Remember, that you will have to engage in active cooperation and feedback from your customers. If you fail to listen to their opinion, you will definitely miss an opportunity to grow and make your site better. Slalom Collaborative and Senior Experience Design Advisor Laura Weiss states that open conversation, competitions, and customer design suggestions can become priceless in your everyday selling experience. Thus, be ready to share info about yourself to create your vision/culture page, post employee pictures, and provide space for testimonials and improvement suggestions to seek the possible solution you currently cannot find. Don’t be self-assured, if your customers have certain design suggestions, take your time to consider them as they will likely be useful in the perspective. Even such giants as Amazon gain a lot of criticism so prepare yourself for the fact that you may not do everything perfectly. If you need certain assistance, turn to the autonomic web-builders and blend certain ideas of your own to get something utterly unique.


 As you can see, it is not easy to make your customer experience flawless through design solutions. The site should possess a lot of useful features such as usability, clarity, professionalism, flawlessness, smoothness of action, and engaging material to back it all up. Still, it does not matter that the effort of making your customer experience slightly more engaging should stay an unattainable ideal. Think about the possible backlash for Amazon, and you can see that there are still a lot of designer tricks to improve and the biggest does not equal the best. Therefore, do not limit your imagination to the ready-made templates or schemes but keep your site down-to-earth so that any user could fully get the complete picture of your operations in no time and for several minutes. Yes, simplicity is gold, but performance and simplicity are an apparent way to success. 

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